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“The Midnight Studio” is a Korean drama starring Joo Won and Kwon Nara. It’s a unique blend of horror and comedy that both scares and entertains viewers. Based on the original novel by Kim Yi Rang, the series follows the story of Han Bom, a young lawyer who teams up with Ki Joo to start a partnership. Ki Joo is a photographer who specializes in taking portraits of ghosts.

The Midnight Studio also features Go Dae Ri as the Assistant Manager, responsible for bringing in ghost customers, and Nam Gu, who handles various chores around the store.

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As for the fate of Joo Won’s character and his photography profession with ghosts, his powers still remains a mystery until the end of the series. The plot is currently wrapped up, leaving viewers eager to discover the outcome.

Where to Watch The Midnight Studio(야한 사진관) K-Drama

ENA Monday-Tuesday drama The Midnight Studio at 10pm KST. Watch the live broadcast on ENA channel and Genie TV

The Midnight Studio(야한 사진관) K-Drama Plot

In the first episode, viewers are introduced to the stories of two ghosts who assist Ki Joo. The first ghost story is particularly touching, and Bom’s grandmother’s character adds a mischievous element to the narrative. Kim Young Ok portrays the landlady of the studio in the first episode. Joo Won’s character is thoroughly explained, but his powers will be further explored in upcoming episodes.

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Director: Song Hyun Wook

Screenwriter: Kim Yi Rang

Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy


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Joo WonSeo Ki Joo
Kwon Na RaHan Bom
Yoo In SooGo Dae Ri
Eum Moon SukBaek Nam Gu
Han GrooJin Na Rae [Nam Gu’s wife]
Ahn Chang HwanLee Seon Ho [police officer]
Park Jung AhKang Soo Mi [Bom’s senior]
Kim Young OkSo Geum Soon [Bom’s grandmother]
Lee Bom So RiKim Ji Won [Bom’s best friend]
Han Sang JinManager Kim
Seo Woo Jinlm Yoon Hae
Park Doo Shik 

The Midnight Studio | 야한 사진관 | K-Drama | Trailer

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