Queen of Tears | K-Drama | Kim Soo-hyun | Kim Ji-won | 2024

“Queen of Tears” is a gripping tale of two married couples who weather every crisis together. Their once-loving marriage transforms into a battleground of emotions—where tears, laughter, love, and hatred collide. Yet, despite it all, they remain steadfastly united.

The story of Queen of Tears revolves around Baek Hyeon-woo and Hong Hae-in. Baek Hyeon-woo hails from the village of Yongduri and serves as the legal director of the conglomerate Queens Group. Meanwhile, Hong Hae-in, the daughter of the Queens Group’s owner and operator family, carries an air of arrogance that has earned her the moniker of the “Arrogant Queen” within Queens department stores. When they marry, their love story takes an unexpected turn, leading to a transformation from affection to animosity. The upcoming drama promises to unravel the intricate dynamics of their relationship.

Screenwriter: Park Ji Eun

Author: Park Ji-Eun

Director: Kim Hee Won, Jang Young Woo

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

Release Date: 9 March 2024

Network: tvN, Netflix

All episodes: 16 Release

Queen of Tears Cast 2024:

Kim Soo-hyun Baek Hyeon-woo (16 episodes, 2024) 
Kim Ji-won Hong Hae-in (16 episodes, 2024 )
Na Young-hee Kim Seon-hwa (16 episodes, 2024) 
Jung Jin-young Hong Beom-joon (16 episodes, 2024) 
Sebastian Roché Dr. Braun (16 episodes, 2024 )
Song Joong-ki16 episodes, 2024 
Kwak Dong-yeon16 episodes, 2024 
Kim Jung-nan16 episodes, 2024 
Kim Joo-ryung Butler (16 episodes, 2024 )
Park Sung-hoon16 episodes, 2024 
Lee Joo-bin16 episodes, 2024 
Lee Mi-sook Cheon Da-hye (16 episodes, 2024 )
Natallia Bulynia16 episodes, 2024 
Kim Kap-su Hong Man-dae (16 episodes, 2024 )
Bo-mi Yoon Assistant Na (16 episodes, 2024 )

Queens of Tears starrer with Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo Hyun 2024 | K-Drama

Queen of Tears Trailer 2024

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