Chicken Nugget K-Drama | Ryu Seung-ryong | Ahn Jae-hong | Kim Yoo Jung | 2024

“Chicken Nugget K-Drama” is directed and written by Lee Byung-heon. It stars Ryu Seung-ryong as a father and Kim Yoo Jung as his daughter. Ahn Jae-hong plays an intern who works with Kim Yoo Jung’s father and harbors feelings for her. Inspired by a webtoon, “Chicken Nugget K-Drama” is renowned for its humorous tone.

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The story revolves around a girl who, out of curiosity, operates an old machine and inexplicably transforms into a chicken nugget. Her father and admirer are confused and repeatedly attempt to contact her without success. Her father, in disbelief, repeatedly asks Ko Baek Joong, “Is this a joke?” However, Ko Baek Joong insists that they must support each other and work to restore her to her original form. Their comedic journey to reverse the transformation is filled with laughter and adds an extra layer of spice to the narrative.

Alternate Name: Yoon Gangjeong

Screenwriter: Lee Byung-heon

Composer: Kim Tae Seong

Director: Lee Byung-heon

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: 15 March 2024

Network: Netflix K-Dramas

All episodes: 10

Rating: 8

Chicken Nugget Cast 2024:

Ryu Seung RyongChoi Seon Man
Ahn Jae HongKo Baek Joong
Kim You JungChoi Min Ah
Kim Nam HeeEmployee
Yang Hyun Min
Lee Ha Neui
Jung Ho YeonTaste columnist
Lee Jae WoongMilitary commander

Chicken Nugget K-Drama | Ryu Seung-ryong | Ahn Jae-hong | Kim Yoo Jung | 2024

Chicken Nugget Trailer 2024


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