Damsel’s Princess Millie Bobby Brown on FallonTonight : Highlight

Damsel’s Princess Millie Bobby Brown recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she discussed various intriguing aspects of her life. Let’s delve into the highlights: Where they discuss about Millie Bobby Brown Fiancé and How they engaged? Millie Bobby Brown pet Winnie the Poodle. Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy Fallon also played an egg game to make it more interesting. They also discuss about Damsel, Why Millie choose to become Elodie


  • Millie Bobby Brown Fiancé Jake Bongiovi. How they engaged?
  • Millie Bobby Brown pet Winnie the Poodle
  • Head-to-Head in Egg Roulette: Millie vs. Jimmy
  • Why Millie choose to become Elodie

Millie Bobby Brown Fiancé Jake Bongiovi: How they engaged?

  • Jimmy Fallon extended warm congratulations to Millie for her engagement to Jake Bongiovi, who was backstage during the show. Curious about the romantic details, Jimmy eagerly inquired about their engagement story.
  • Millie and Jake share a passion for diving and even hold diving licenses together. During a vacation, Jake surprised Millie by inviting her for an early morning dive at 8 a.m. Despite the early hour, Millie agreed.
  • As they descended several meters underwater, Jake presented her with a shell. When Millie turned it over, she discovered a ring inside—a breathtaking moment. Jake signaled to her using sign language, asking if she wanted to get married. Millie’s response was a resounding “okay.”
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • However, as Jake attempted to place the ring on Millie’s finger, it slipped and fell into the depths. Undeterred, Jake, like a cinematic hero, retrieved the ring from the forbidden depths where divers are not allowed. The risk of ear and brain damage didn’t deter him.
  • Millie reflects that Jake’s daring act truly embodies his character. Later, in front of their families, Jake officially proposed to Millie.

Millie Bobby Brown pet Winnie the Poodle

Millie Bobby Brown’s pet, Winnie the Poodle, is an absolute delight! This intelligent canine companion knows how to steal the show. Let’s dive into some endearing moments with Winnie:

  • Audience Lover:
    • Winnie thrives in the spotlight. As she entered, Millie instructed her to sit next to her, and Winnie obliged. With a comfortable demeanor, she even gave the camera her best actor-like pose.
    • According to Millie, “She knows when I’m fake crying.” Clearly, Winnie has a keen sense of empathy and can differentiate between real and theatrical emotions.
  • Heartfelt Moments in “Damsel”:
    • In several scenes of the film “Damsel,” Winnie’s emotional depth shines through. When Millie’s character faced distress, Winnie began crying, genuinely believing that something was wrong.
    • However, when Millie returned, Winnie recognized her “Mommy” and instantly calmed down. Their bond is heartwarming and transcends mere human attention.

Winnie’s presence adds an extra layer of warmth and authenticity to Millie’s life—truly a pawsitively wonderful companion! 

Let’s dive into the entertaining egg roulette challenge between Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy Fallon:

Head-to-Head in Egg Roulette: Millie vs. Jimmy

Jimmy Fallon orchestrated an egg-citing challenge for Millie Bobby Brown and himself. The setup was simple: a tray containing 8 hard-boiled eggs and 4 raw eggs. Their mission? To crack an egg over their own heads without knowing whether it was cooked or raw.

  • Millie’s Strategic Choice:
    • Millie, ever the strategist, opted for a hard-boiled egg. Her intuition served her well, as she cracked it over her head, revealing its firm, cooked interior.
    • But the real twist came when Jimmy, with a mischievous grin, selected a raw egg. The suspense hung in the air as he smashed it over his own noggin, resulting in a gooey mess.
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  • Confetti Showdown:
    • Millie, not one to miss an opportunity for theatrical flair, showered Jimmy with confetti after her successful egg-cracking moment. The studio erupted in laughter.
    • Not to be outdone, Jimmy retaliated by bursting a raw egg over Millie’s head, adding his own confetti flourish. Their playful banter and camaraderie made the whole scene unforgettable.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In the end, it was a delightful clash of humor, surprise, and messy eggs—a true testament to their chemistry on screen.

Why Millie choose to become Elodie

Millie Bobby Brown’s transformation into Elodie for the film “Damsel” was a remarkable journey. Let’s explore her motivations and the challenges she embraced:

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  • A New Role:
    • Millie had never taken on a role quite like Elodie before. Her excitement stemmed from the opportunity to delve into a character that was grittier and more mature than her previous roles.
    • The challenge was not only about acting but also about the physical demands and commitment required.
  • The Early Mornings and Intensive Makeup:
    • Millie set a personal challenge for herself: early wake-ups and rigorous preparation. Her commitment extended to spending two hours in makeup, which involved wigs, scars, and brushes.
    • By 7 a.m., she was already on set, ready to immerse herself fully in the role. There was no room for sickness or taking leaves—Elodie demanded her complete dedication.
  • Running and Climbing:
    • Elodie’s character required physical agility. Millie ran and climbed extensively during filming, pushing her boundaries and embodying the spirit of her role.
    • The story of “Damsel” challenges young boys and girls by portraying someone who starts as a victim but transforms into a warrior. Elodie’s journey resonates with empowerment and resilience.
  • Turning Restrictions into Weapons:
    • Elodie’s evolution is inspiring. She uses everything that once restricted her—whether physical or emotional—as weapons to protect herself.
    • Through this transformation, Millie discovered a warrior within herself that she never knew existed.

In the words of Millie Bobby Brown, “I’m fake crying,” but as Elodie, “I’m facing real challenges and emerged stronger”.

Princess Elodie and Prince Henry Damsel 2024

Conclusion: In summary, Millie Bobby Brown’s journey as Elodie in the film “Damsel” was a captivating blend of dedication, physical challenges, and personal growth. From early mornings and intensive makeup sessions to running, climbing, and turning restrictions into weapons, Millie embodied the transformation from victim to warrior. Her engagement story with Jake Bongiovi added a touch of romance, while her beloved pet, Winnie the Poodle, stole hearts. And let’s not forget the egg roulette showdown with Jimmy Fallon—a messy yet delightful clash of humor. Millie’s multifaceted experiences remind us that strength lies within, waiting to be discovered.

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