Parasyte: The Grey | K-Drama | Jeon So-Nee | Koo Kyo Hwan | 2024

“Parasyte: The Grey” is a story of alien parasites who take control of human minds for their survival. They easily blend in with humans and manipulate their brains with the intent of destroying humanity. However, Jeon So Nee, who portrays Jung Soo In, gets infected by a parasite but remains unaffected by its control. She is a mixed breed who fights against the parasites to save humanity. The series is created and directed by Yeon Sang Ho and Ryu Yong-jae.

Creators: Yeon Sang-ho,Ryu Yong-jae

Screenwriter: Yeon Sang Ho, Ryu Yong Jae

Director: Yeon Sang Ho

Genres:  Action, Mystery, Horror, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 5 April 2024

Network: Netflix

All episodes: 6

Parasyte: The Grey Cast 2024:

Jeon So NeeJung Soo In
Koo Kyo HwanSeol Kang Woo
Lee Jung HyunChoi Joon Kyung
Kwon Hae HyoCheol Min [Detective]
Kim In KwonWon Seok [Cheol Min’s junior]

Parasyte: The Grey Teaser 2024

Netflix K-Content

Parasyte: The Grey Trailer 2024

Netflix K-Content

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