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McKenna Roberts, a talented teenage model and actor from the USA, is making waves in the entertainment industry. With her impressive skills and versatility, she has secured roles in several upcoming projects, including the Netflix movie “Back In Action” and the highly anticipated “Barbie” (2023).

McKenna is widely recognized for her notable roles in Euphoria (2019), where she showcased her acting prowess, and Skyscraper (2018), where she shared the screen with renowned actors Dwayne Johnson or ”The rock” and Neve Campbell. Her remarkable portrayal in the long-running drama series The Young and the Restless (2013-2017) further highlights her exceptional talent and dedication.

McKenna Roberts is undoubtedly a powerhouse of talent. Let’s explore her family, Education and other details with her biography.

Birth Details

NameMcKenna Roberts
Date of BirthOctober 26, 2007
Age15 Years 7 Months and 15 Days
Height5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
Birth PlaceLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
SiblingKarson Roberts (@karsonjamessss )
ParentsMother: Kenya Robert(msjackson4eva)
Father: Mick Robert
GrandMotherCarol Suppe Roberts (carolrob1976)
Other HobbiesDance

Family Details of McKenna Roberts

McKenna Roberts shares a close bond with her brother, Karson Roberts, who is four years older than her. They enjoy engaging in fun activities together and even create entertaining TikTok dance videos. Family time is precious to them, and they often spend quality moments with their loved ones.

Karson has completed his higher education and is currently pursuing studies at a university. He has a strong passion for sports, which brings him joy and fulfillment in life.

In addition to her brother, McKenna also shares a special connection with her father. She recently shared a heart-warming picture on Instagram to celebrate her father’s 70th birthday, accompanied by a beautiful caption that expressed her love and appreciation for him.

Source: Kenya Robert(msjackson4eva)

Being part of a large family, the Roberts frequently come together for dinners, celebrations, and festive occasions. They value these moments of togetherness and create lasting memories that strengthen their familial bonds.

McKenna’s close relationship extends to her cousins as well, as they also share enjoyable moments together. She truly embodies the spirit of a family-oriented individual, cherishing the time she spends with her loved ones. McKenna embraces the joy of being surrounded by family and treasures these connections dearly.

Education Details of McKenna Roberts

McKenna Roberts is currently in her sophomore year of high school. She is a dedicated and regular student, actively participating in her studies. Alongside her academic pursuits, McKenna is committed to honing her skills in various areas. She is particularly passionate about acting and is undergoing training with a reputable organization to enhance her abilities in this field.

Recently, McKenna’s aunt took to social media to share a picture of McKenna and her brother, extending warm wishes to them for their first day of school. It was a heartfelt gesture, expressing support and encouragement as they embarked on a new academic year.

Look Table (Body Measurements) of McKenna Roberts

Height5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
HairLight Brown
EyesDark Brown

Interesting Facts about McKenna Roberts

  • McKenna Roberts started modeling for Ford Models at the age of 4.
  • She has modeled for well-known companies such as Nordstrom, Forever 21, and H&M.
  • In Euphoria Season 2, she portrayed the character of Young Rue.
  • She had the opportunity to work with talented actors Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” and Neve Campbell in the movie Skyscraper, released in 2017.
  • Her first television appearance was on Nickelodeon’s TV series Sam & Cat, where she appeared alongside Ariana Grande.
  • McKenna portrayed the character of Matilda Ashby in the drama series The Young and the Restless (2013-2017), which received an Emmy award.
  • She is also featured in the Netflix movie Back In Action.

Upcoming Movies and Series of McKenna Roberts

Back In Action 2024

Director: Seth Gordon

Writer: Seth Gordon, Brendan O’Brien

Genres: Action, Comedy

Release Date: –

Back In Action Cast:

Andrew Scott
Cameron Diaz
Fola Evans-Akingbola
Jamie Foxx
Kyle Chandler
Glenn Close
Jamie Demetriou
Anna StadlerModel / Influencer
Tom Brittney
Adam BasilHulk
McKenna Roberts
Alfredo TavaresTony
Lee CharlesHallway bodyguard

Back In Action Trailer 2024

Last Movie

Barbie 2023

Director: Greta Gerwig

Writer: Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy and Romance

Taglines: She’s everything. He’s just Ken.


Margot RobbieBarbie
Hari NefBarbie
Ryan GoslingKen
Ariana GreenblattSasha
Caroline Wilde
Helen MirrenNarrator
John CenaKen
Dua LipaBarbie
Emma MackeyBarbie
McKenna RobertsGirl #1
Molly Peyton WhiteFashion Designer Barbie
Noor LabelleBusinesswoman
Sasha MilsteinGirl #3

Storyline from trailer Analysis

In the enchanting world of Barbie, a whirlwind adventure awaits as Barbie finds herself at the center of a mysterious and extraordinary journey. The story unfolds with a captivating trailer, where Barbie, in her signature elegance, invites her beloved Ken to a dazzling blowout party, complete with meticulously planned choreography and an enchanting bespoke song.

But amidst the joyous celebration, Barbie poses a thought-provoking question, hinting at something out of the ordinary—contemplating the depths of mortality. This suggestion sets the stage for an unexpected turn of events. As the trailer unfolds, Barbie is seen accidentally falling off a roof, causing chaos among her fellow Barbies as her heels shatter upon impact.

Suddenly faced with a crucial decision, Barbie is presented with a choice: to return to her glamorous and familiar life or to embark on a quest for truth about the vast universe that surrounds her. Intrigued by the unknown, Barbie bravely opts for the latter, setting in motion an extraordinary adventure like no other.

Accompanied by a companion, Barbie ventures into the Real World, a realm of bewildering encounters and captivating surprises. However, their arrival in the real world brings not only confusion but also unwanted attention from intrigued men who are captivated by Barbie’s timeless charm.

Throughout the trailer, snippets of various scenes showcase Barbie and Ken in playful and endearing moments, emphasizing their unbreakable bond. Amidst their playful banter, Barbie and Ken discuss the possibility of staying over at each other’s places, unsure of what their adventures might entail.

Amidst the light-hearted moments, there is a delightful beach scene, where Ken jokingly suggests “beaching off” Barbie. This leads to playful banter and a reminder that no harm will actually befall our beloved characters.

As the trailer draws to a close, tension rises as others become determined to capture Barbie and confine her once more. In a race against time, the protagonist seeks the aid of a wise and resourceful doctor, who holds the key to understanding the mysteries surrounding Barbie’s journey.

The captivating trailer is accompanied by a catchy song, “Fun, Fun, Fun,” which serves as the melodic backdrop to the unfolding adventure, adding an extra touch of joy and excitement to the overall experience.

Barbie investigate the Universe promises an enthralling story filled with heartfelt moments, delightful humour, and a quest for knowledge that transcends the boundaries of imagination. It’s a thrilling escapade that will leave audiences eagerly anticipating the movie’s release, where Barbie’s courageous spirit and unwavering determination will inspire viewers of all ages.

Barbie Trailer 1

Warner Bros. Pictures

Barbie Trailer 2

Warner Bros. Pictures

Barbie Trailer 3

Rapid Trailer

Movies and Series in tabular of McKenna Roberts

In productionBack In Action(Netflix Movie)
2023Barbie: Back in Action (completed)Girl #1
2019Euphoria10-Year-Old Rue
2019Project: Puppies for ChristmasCheyenne
2019The OtherYoung Mia
2018SkyscraperGeorgia Sawyer
2013-2017The Young and the RestlessMatilda Ashby
2015CSI: CyberRae
2013Sam & CatKid #7

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ related to McKenna Roberts

McKenna Roberts Instagram?

You can follow her with Instagram mckennarroberts.

McKenna Roberts movies and tv shows?

She is famous for upcoming Netflix Movie “Back in Action” , “Barbie 2023”, “Euphoria”, and “Skyscraper”. She was also featured in many movies and TV shows. You can check them in tabular by Just little scrolling above.

McKenna Roberts age?

She is 15 years old teenager. She born on 26 October 2007. She will be in her sweet 16 in coming 26 October.

McKenna Roberts euphoria?

She portrayed as 10 year young Rue, Which is basically the younger version of Zendaya in Euphoria Season 2.

McKenna Roberts parents?

Her Father name is Mick Robert and her Mother is Kenya Robert. You can follow her on Instagram with username msjackson4eva. they believe in simple living. But in 2022, McKenna and her family celebrate her father 70th Birthday.

McKenna Roberts net worth?

She is doing Modelling for different companies and also featuring in many movies and series. She is earning 50 k to 70 k dollars according to some resources.

McKenna Roberts Barbie?

She is playing a role of Girl in Barbie 2023

McKenna Roberts Height?

She is 5′ 4″ (1.63 m).

McKenna Roberts sibling?

She has an 4 years older sibling Brother Karson Roberts. You can follow him @karsonjamessss.

source: Kenya Robert(msjackson4eva)

McKenna Roberts biography?

For her authentic biography, you can visit us @funsupplement.

McKenna Roberts childhood Picture?

McKenna Roberts with Zendaya?

Source: mckennarroberts

Social Links of McKenna Roberts

Instagram- mckennarroberts

Interview of McKenna Roberts


Conclusion of McKenna Roberts

In conclusion, McKenna Roberts is a talented and accomplished young actress who has made significant strides in the entertainment industry. Starting her journey at a young age as a model, she quickly garnered attention and went on to work with renowned companies such as Nordstrom, Forever 21, and H&M.

Her passion for acting led her to notable roles, including portraying Young Rue in Euphoria Season 2 and starring alongside Dwayne Johnson and Neve Campbell in the thrilling movie Skyscraper. McKenna’s versatility extends beyond the big screen, as she has also showcased her talent on television, making her debut on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat. Her remarkable performance as Matilda Ashby in the Emmy-winning drama series The Young and the Restless further solidified her reputation as a rising star.

With her dedication, skill, and ongoing training, McKenna continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional talent. As she embraces new opportunities and projects, it’s clear that McKenna Roberts is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment, and we can expect to see her shine brightly for years to come.

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