Jonny Weldon | One Day |  House of the Dragon | 2024


Jonny Weldon, a British stand-up comedian, writer, and actor, portrays Ian in the Netflix TV show “One Day” (2024). Ian, a stand-up comic, crosses paths with Emma while they both work at a Mexican restaurant in London. Weldon is also recognized for his roles in “House of the Dragon” (2022) and “The People We Hate at the Wedding” (2022). … Read more

Elizabeth Yu | Azula | Avatar: The Last Airbender | Year One | Black Spines | 2024


Elizabeth Yu is an American actress born to Asian parents. She is in a relationship with Gaten Matarazzo. In Avatar: The Last Airbender 2024, she portrays Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation, sharing the screen with esteemed actors such as Tamlyn Tomita, Daniel Dae Kim, and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, alongside emerging talents like Gordon Cormier, … Read more

Amber Grappy | Tilly | One Day | Emma’s friend | Smothered | 2024


Amber Grappy, a British actress, is a LAMDA graduate in Acting and has also participated in the National Youth Theatre (NYT) Masterclass in acting. Fluent in both French and English, she takes on the role of Titly in the Netflix rom-com series “One Day”. As Emma’s best friend since their first year at the University of Edinburgh, she shares a close bond … Read more

Leo Woodall | Dexter | One Day | 2024 | Nomad | Sign For Hamilton Hodel

Leo Woodall biography

Leo Woodall, a British actor, is known for his role as Dexter in the upcoming rom-com TV series One Day. He stars alongside Ambika Mod in the show. Woodall has been in the news recently for his relationship with Meghann Fahy. He is the son of actors Andrew Woodall and Jane. Apart from One Day, Woodall is … Read more

Kiawentiio: Avatar: The Last Airbender Katara | Water Bender | 2024


Kiawentiio portrays Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender, specializing in waterbending. She was born in Akwesasne and holds dual citizenship in Canada and America. Currently, she resides in Toronto, Canada. Kiawentiio captivated the audience with her first performance in Anne with an E Season 3 as Ka’kwet. Her remarkable talent continued to shine in Beans (2020), Rutherford Falls (2021), and What If…? (2021-2022). Now, she is poised to reach new heights with Avatar: The … Read more

Dallas Liu | Prince Zuko | Avatar: The Last Airbender | 2024


Dallas Liu is an American actor of Chinese-Indonesian descent. He is a martial arts expert and has appeared in several TV series and movies. He portrayed Shuji Ishii-Peters in the Hulu dramedy PEN15, which aired from 2019 to 2021. He also appeared in Players (2020) and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021). Liu … Read more

Ian Ousley | Sokka | Avatar: The Last Airbender | 2024


Ian Ousley is an American actor and martial arts expert. He specializes in Taekwondo and weapon sparring. He is set to feature as Sokka in the upcoming TV drama “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” portraying a warrior from the Southern Water Tribe known for his strategic thinking and swordplay skills. He stars alongside talented actors such … Read more

Julieth Restrepo | Griselda | 2024


Julieth Restrepo is a Columbian actress who currently resides in Los Angeles with her family. She is a mother to a one-year-old girl named Lucia. She is set to appear in the upcoming Netflix TV drama Griselda, which also stars Sofía Vergara, Alberto Guerra, and other young actors. In the series, she portrays Marta Ochoa … Read more

Alberto Guerra Actor | DARIO | Griselda | 2024


Alberto Guerra, the Cuba-born actor, has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry since 2002. He is renowned for his roles in various productions, including “Cassandro” (2022), “El Refugio” (2022), “The Lord of the Skies” (2013), and “Ladrón de Corazones” (2003). Alberto Guerra Actor latest venture includes a feature in the Netflix TV show … Read more

Orlando Pineda Actor | Griselda | DIXON Trujillo Blanco| 2024


Orlando Pineda is an American actor with a BFA in acting from the New York Film Academy (2016). Born into a Colombian family, he gained recognition for his roles in “Narcos: Mexico” (2020), “Your Iron Lady” (2020), and “The Infiltrators” (2019). Notably, he featured in the Netflix TV show “Griselda,” portraying Dixon Trujillo Blanco, Griselda’s … Read more